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Our Events

  • Decadenza8kroetmvq414xcpvdqmizxzn3oyph89gDecadenza

    Carnival party for International Youngsta's

  • MORE Music Festivalc81xykepqdy8151hjnsm253j4vvhav4cMORE Music Festival

    A music festival during the 2nd week of the Art or Architecture Biennale (early june).

  • Biennalekosezis36drxooiqhl2alapcpw5upc80Biennale

    Must seen during the 2011 Biennale

  • La festa del Redentorevwgut4qdi42lidhuivfhcdft1dktfar1La festa del Redentore

    Fireworks party in San Marco's square's boats.

  • La Mostra2smk6j3kynjoccad7261n0os9046idgaLa Mostra

    Best events during the Cinema Festival

  • Special Eventsqt7jhwy8q2xnvyo5oy30hii7wtp7gaexSpecial Events

    We powerize all kind of events.

From The Blog

video from the Xavier Veilhan party6iu6l1cpf4lq74m7h882vkd4d3cncj49video from the Xavier Veilhan party

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: The opening of the Biennale mid may 2017 saw the Xavier Veilhan's party, who revealed is music piece 'Studio Venezia' representing the french pavilion as an honor of french band and DJ's. Line up was including: Clement Meyer, Quinzequinze, Busy P B2B with Zdar (from Cassius) and Gilb'r.9p2fpy7olvlmaquxxj7yoyghffo93h22 Here is the video:fh4twvf3p2sdt9pm2c264jiwjidpgsxl (original) View English translationThe opening of the Biennale mid may 2017 saw...

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2017 Carnival agendao08hjn0trts0m4jvyunch73o4zo07y5l2017 Carnival agenda

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: Welcome to Carnival with our save the date video:yg9ff1ahdlotd5rdhhb39orq2rr20vwo Friday Feb 24th. Decadenza 9ti0o85l6pce04mmx0h6my3syura9um9 Decadenza  The Carnival party of a new generation. A proper dancefloor with a costumed party, that is the Genesis. Decadenza gathers, an international crowd of Parisians and Londoners with the best of Veneto people. More news very soon.78gah75e78jtq2ye7sylyy9zlhjtgi7d Sunday Feb 26th. La Nuit des Rois a93qvysxw66k2ybpaa9u64paz5mn1co2 La Nuit des Rois is a...

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