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Our Events

  • Decadenzaduqt84f11rntknsf2vynfrwi980g39k6Decadenza

    Carnival party for International Youngsta's

  • MORE Music Festival592zgsf9n8r57zg8vkzhh23bw0458694MORE Music Festival

    A music festival during the 2nd week of the Art or Architecture Biennale (early june).

  • Biennale3t5kx9kdykpx9cat89uq5kxk5o94558zBiennale

    Must seen during the 2011 Biennale

  • La festa del Redentorelx0vdpmcmaemf45n3djfy3xg96hnly4xLa festa del Redentore

    Fireworks party in San Marco's square's boats.

  • La Mostra3g7okwxsml631b7cbu6voswq3ohiag73La Mostra

    Best events during the Cinema Festival

  • Special Eventsnnayd2ochapg26g0h5grkc965n7x3kugSpecial Events

    We powerize all kind of events.

From The Blog

2017 Carnival agendabrxkxf5ugf41vle3vzdrkbdt0l72rntt2017 Carnival agenda

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: Welcome to Carnival with our save the date video:1b2y6q8nlr9jov0a68u8b5lzjmrpp6rh Friday Feb 24th. Decadenza 0808zpqylsfgwac2gzbnl48n6r0qutck Decadenza  The Carnival party of a new generation. A proper dancefloor with a costumed party, that is the Genesis. Decadenza gathers, an international crowd of Parisians and Londoners with the best of Veneto people. More news very soon.gozhbo89lbldnq7cqrb2x4ecbeb91hg7 Sunday Feb 26th. La Nuit des Rois oablrp0hh6qyk22p5heo2h5sh26wi0bx La Nuit des Rois is a...

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La festa del Redentore 2016 on saturday july 16thiqkwr3gfhruefgy9l6wluyan96tg2mjaLa festa del Redentore 2016 on saturday july 16th

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: We will keep our formula evolving, this year joining forces with Bordellhouze on a 2 floors watch. Theme: Black & Gold.gdggsj0z8koymn3jd1hlinexaqbsn8nu https://www.facebook.com/events/141278072947298/?active_tab=highlightsftw73iispluvc2ftnagib413eu2stvqy Main info: Price €190 per person (catering by Rosa Salva, and open bar all night long)8n5tu7vwi7jyy2ak4b5l7ww6sh3j3vy2 The BELLINI MEGA YATCH BOAT will leave from Tronchetto at 6pm and will return at 2pm. Beautiful boat with mega outdoor deck where our 5 international...

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