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Our Events

  • Decadenzaz1v9jtf1c4t4xhzog9wwocp768b1fy24Decadenza

    Carnival party for International Youngsta's

  • MORE Music Festivalcp7olzw2cfjiul1qz34s42p2gxfc4xs6MORE Music Festival

    A music festival during the 2nd week of the Art or Architecture Biennale (early june).

  • Biennalewi9ixy0iim2bm8810x6lohtvchiwie94Biennale

    Must seen during the 2011 Biennale

  • La festa del Redentorevhjlybllx6maikepaai11n855zg9smqeLa festa del Redentore

    Fireworks party in San Marco's square's boats.

  • La Mostra010w3ysf1mp2zu2xvw5cbzy28hpfi228La Mostra

    Best events during the Cinema Festival

  • Special Events2ulpeyedpc8es0a9y9pnwf3d52c0f2k8Special Events

    We powerize all kind of events.

From The Blog

2017 Carnival agendac1p1gl76yxwy2of7xb067b6tjy5mk6jm2017 Carnival agenda

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: Welcome to Carnival with our save the date video:kf2h543qnmwmi04m3dktlatnqxo7borl Friday Feb 24th. Decadenza 5gqx0v89c22dcehyovclcgrh5k9kwjrs Decadenza  The Carnival party of a new generation. A proper dancefloor with a costumed party, that is the Genesis. Decadenza gathers, an international crowd of Parisians and Londoners with the best of Veneto people. More news very soon.bpaupsyny9r3vytnb58tsjbwqoyy8b3a Sunday Feb 26th. La Nuit des Rois fqfalj3657xv6togenikiq9pntiab52h La Nuit des Rois is a...

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La festa del Redentore 2016 on saturday july 16thnzbgnqmrfrarvgnr9yvgd4jsildvafnoLa festa del Redentore 2016 on saturday july 16th

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: We will keep our formula evolving, this year joining forces with Bordellhouze on a 2 floors watch. Theme: Black & Gold.dkhufjp32mfrprah2rdg5z9hloh390od https://www.facebook.com/events/141278072947298/?active_tab=highlightsgkmasrt3rkkz0m4a5p56cm69yrivaa3h Main info: Price €190 per person (catering by Rosa Salva, and open bar all night long)pogw8bltnf8lyyh5kgqs00g7nydistg7 The BELLINI MEGA YATCH BOAT will leave from Tronchetto at 6pm and will return at 2pm. Beautiful boat with mega outdoor deck where our 5 international...

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