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Our Events

  • Decadenza (Carnival)


    Carnival party for International Youngsta's

  • MORE non cropéThumbnail

    MORE Music Festivalv3bf3n5zusouzkxld6cshi966qx7jgr4MORE Music Festival

    A music festival during the 2nd week of the Art or Architecture Biennale (early june).

  • Biennale


    Must seen during the 2011 Biennale

  • La festa del Redentore

    La festa del Redentorejuwhjz3dbfr0i8uh4m9gofckt8vs10raLa festa del Redentore

    Fireworks party in San Marco's square's boats.

  • La Mostra

    La Mostrawwtn473hfuj187urwbdym9q0p9xgd5a0La Mostra

    Best events during the Cinema Festival

  • vignetteSpecialEvents

    Special Eventsxxlpcqsuwrw1d0aa933giyd7ypats7ifSpecial Events

    We powerize all kind of events.

From The Blog

Save the date 2016 Carnival (January 30th to february 9th)esm8bwzic15g3d4o0kdu4p0csxk19abeSave the date 2016 Carnival (January 30th to february 9th)

Capture d’écran 2015-02-27 à 15.26.46

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: Nice video and nice souvenirs! It's now agenda & organization time. If you wish to attend next carnival:Official date are : fJanuary 30th to february 9th 2016. The big week-end being always the last one with :Decadenza party on feb the 5th.q271j9wmo1l2njki3k4gz4a86aboj830 This year we will team with Parisian "Bal des Princesses" thanks to Dan to enjoy a full weekend (or even more).cluyxijmdyrbzxft72eopbq13fd03k35 If you are...

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MORE Festival goes to Istanbul (12-15th november)pp3il8cmn0nru3v9qgn4t5gi0hl4ic0yMORE Festival goes to Istanbul (12-15th november)

Capture d’écran 2015-10-13 à 20.23.39

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: Merhaba ! Bonjour ! Ciao !a4b3q3crwxqjgvem3m9wnspg5f2j6lu7 Venezia and Istanbul are both amazing cities. 12/15 november is the biggest art fair in town with Contemporary Istanbul, so MORE asked some friends in Istanbul to open their doors for you. From boutique hotel Mama Shelter to member club Soho House, the great Krampf Gallery to Mini Muzikhol, the best club in town, MORE will drive you...

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