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Our Events

  • Decadenza (Carnival)


    Carnival party for International Youngsta's

  • MORE non cropéThumbnail

    MORE Music Festivalgb1cpaimlcm5l67fgy84u2hlf2qccphiMORE Music Festival

    A music festival during the 2nd week of the Art or Architecture Biennale (early june).

  • Biennale


    Must seen during the 2011 Biennale

  • La festa del Redentore

    La festa del Redentored6jb4h5nehyzlavj9zvgduidoox33vh6La festa del Redentore

    Fireworks party in San Marco's square's boats.

  • La Mostra

    La Mostrakvka2cyf29le3lyu6qgvv8rz2zq7pxz0La Mostra

    Best events during the Cinema Festival

  • vignetteSpecialEvents

    Special Eventsf0d7nixg13bahp0w6k6qty8tb5chdv6jSpecial Events

    We powerize all kind of events.

From The Blog

2015 Carnival agendai0rnaoz41xev6gq7jrqtg3hy689uo5mw2015 Carnival agenda

Capture d’écran 2015-01-26 à 15.18.57

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: - Saturday Feb, 7thoivu3eiwokb9n33uyc2pywwlg0cd4pmj Ballo Del Doge 'Best Of' Theatre Of Dreams at Palazzo Pisani Morettawl7gjfs4jwyckxy6uknalrm0lnoz36gq Extraordinary performances used in the past versions of the famous Ballo Del Doge.sbrrk9p156msl7b32j2qpu6l2vuf0fpi Mise en scene by Antonia Sautter1rlovfpcvqdg9zsvt0iemthan88hcqo3.tzlz6waq2yb6isn8e34488fdvfq1g0nz VIP Ticket: € 950o65so7p6n8y31k15m20kttzgcnehu8w9 After Dinner Ticket (23h): € 475kv6lp0mlqil12dw1c1fzev11au1f8g5j DJ Alexandre Toesca35xkr367h68sokagd8mqwmd7z1h5itrb For booking email us:6620nvtq64w20y5az8e05bbjw6jz36r0  cx4wt9j4st2s0zyglz98kvufhrqvfx2i - Thursday Feb, 8th21y1rbbco68dgtuuiqdtrr4v6yl0fyf8 The Labyrinth of Pleasures at PalazzinaG by Madame Ema.gq0us48a9gdbh37qqp99ct5g448gt6o0 Dinner & Entertainments start at...

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Save the date 2015 Carnival february 7th – 17th (video)

SavetheDate video

(Français → English) View original [Edit]Translators: It's agenda & organization time. If you wish to book flights and hotels in advance for next carnival. If you are looking for an apartment rental, we advice you to contact t4z0hurzdtfpxa65lrs3kqkm53sl9t4tAlain t4z0hurzdtfpxa65lrs3kqkm53sl9t4t(info@destination-italie.net).5o558nubagmm0se6brz0a9fb6w227103 Official date are t4z0hurzdtfpxa65lrs3kqkm53sl9t4t: february t4z0hurzdtfpxa65lrs3kqkm53sl9t4t7th -17th 2014. The big week-end being always the last one with :mm3fk4u4szajrq9y3jzf38lib1c4wpm8 Decadenza party on feb the 13thht482x91drxz9inuszdv6bm3r8hjsevz and Ballo del Doge on sat the 14th. Other parties for...

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