Biennale of Art / Architecture

The Biennale of Art and Architecture rotates every other year. It's a huge reunion for the creatives at the heart of Venice. Don't miss the opening week (see the last video of the page at the bottom), a moment full of gallery openings showcasing the major artists of the world. The Biennale itself lasts a few months when you can visit the 2 main places Giardini and  Arsenale. Plus the OFF exhibitions curated in Palaces everywhere in town.

We produced events and art performances during the opening of the Biennale of Art or Architecture.

Some of the events we worked during the art Biennale opening, are:

- 2011 French Pavilion party (Christian Boltanski)

- 2011 Artcurial party for 2010 Albert Duchamp Prize winer (Cyprien Gaillard)

- 2013 French Pavilion party (Anri Sala)

- 2013 Chalet Society curated by Artvisory (Gregor Hildebrandt & Kolkoz)

- 2014 Curator of Architecture Biennale party (Rem Koolhaas) - 2017 French Pavilion party (Xavier Veilhan) 

Let us help you organize you Biennale event, from scouting place to production.







2015 The opening week of Biennale


A video of the opening + a few pictures (by Alvise Nicoletti) of the Madagascar Pavilion party ‘I had forgotten the night’ we did power for the artist Joel Andrianomearisoa.

2017 French Pavilion Party (Xavier Veilhan). Photo by SayWho