Our Savoir faire

We do events. Source places such as Palaces, rehabilitated Churches, gardens, islands, for client or our own events, and provide services.

In Venice people are astonished by beauty and truly open themselves, this is why we like to consider we are 'bridging people through events'.

VeneziaHUB started with a joyful gathering of international individuals in love with Venice and its festivites. We have produced some of the city's most magnificient events since 2010, wether it's for Carnival, Redentore or the MORE festival.

After the resounding success of his Cavalchina Night Bal in the opera of the Fenice in 2010, Alexandre Toesca created VeneziaHUB with the ambition of building a community of people interested in attending beautiful events in Venice. He was then joined by Gioia Sardagna Ferrari (born and raised in Venice).

Since 2010 we propose Redentore events with some associates.

In 2013 joined by partners to create the MORE Festival.

Same year Florence joined in to create La Nuit des Rois during Carnival.

Experiencing Venice is like dreaming awake and traveling through history. It will open you up as you drift into the city's magic.

We are committed to building a community of wordly people attracted to the aesthetic and uniqueness that Venice has to offer.