La Nuit des Rois

"La Nuit des Rois" is a door to another world. It's a small exclusive event at the end of Carnival thrown by Florence & Alexandre. A night of fantasy for our guests passionate about costume, beauty and Venitian history. Costume is strictly mandatory. For more information, write us.

In 2020 La Nuit des Rois will be held on Sunday February 23rd.

Something will append mid august in Taormina... 

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2019 La Nuit des Rois, theme " les Incroyables et les Merveilleuses" (pictures by Gianmaria de Luca)

2018 La Nuit des Rois, theme " Amour et Libertinage à l'époque de Casanova" (most pictures by Laure Jacquemin)

2017 La Nuit des Rois, theme " Amadeus Mozart " (most pictures by Laure Jacquemin)

2016 La Nuit des Rois, theme " Au temps de Lully le Roi danse" (photos by Alain Hamon)